Florida Fish and Wildlife, as well as Coaster Guard rescue workers zeroed in on a spot on the river near the Edgewater police department.

A spokesman for FWC says all three boarded a motorized canoe last night, and around midnight, the 14 foot canoe started taking on water. That's when they turned the boat around to head to shore, the unthinkable happened.

"The boat capsized causing the three people on board to be ejected out of the boat. One made it to shore , the other one, from what we know right now, stayed with the vessel," said FWC Officer Lenny Salberg.

That second boater clinging on to this canoe as it floated south, was picked up by a good Samaritan who called 911.

Those two boaters tell FWC, they did not see the third boater resurface.

Officer Salberg says the three are from Edgewater and were out fishing for flounder, but that no one was wearing a safety vest.

This Coast Guard helicopter searched by air over night, but came up empty.

An FWC boat equipped with sonar brought search teams to the area, not far from where the canoe capsized.
"We've got divers in the water we got a search pattern trying to find this third boater. We'll do whatever it takes," added Salberg.

FWC is not releasing the names of any of the three, but Salberg says they are all in their mid-twenties.

Right now Salberg will not say when this will go from a rescue to recovery mission, they are hoping that third boater swam for safety to one of those islands out in the middle of the river.