Testimony continues today in the retrial of Michael Dunn, the Brevard County man charged with shooting a Jacksonville teenager to death following an argument over the teen's loud music.

Dunn was convicted earlier this year of attempted first-degree murder for shooting into the fleeing SUV in which 17-year-old Jordan Davis was a passenger.

But a jury could not agree on the murder charge.

The retrial began Thursday with Dunn’s new defense attorney Waffa Hanania and a slightly different defense strategy.

In opening statements, prosecutors said it was a teenager talking too much and an adult deciding to use deadly force on.

Dunn's attorney said even if there wasn't a weapon, her client thought he saw one and therefore, was justified in using deadly force.

“And his four-letter words, his teenage bravado, in the end, when it came right down to it, Jordan Russell Davis was just that -- a kid,” said Assistant State Attorney John Guy.

“That time and those circumstances by which his judgment, his perception and his reaction must be judged,” said Hanania.

Video from inside the gas station where the shooting took place Nov. 23, 2012 was shown during testimony.

You could hear the shots and see people's reactions inside, including Dunn's fiancée.

The judge expects this trial to last two weeks.