George Zimmerman is back in the news again tonight – this time after a man claims Zimmerman started a road rage incident and threatened his life.

Zimmerman is not facing any charges – but he did have to answer some questions for police.

A man called 911 not once, but twice this week in regards to Zimmerman. In his first call, the man claimed Zimmerman had threatened to kill him; then two days later claims Zimmerman was following him to work.

The video of police questioning George Zimmerman Thursday in Lake Mary about all of this has been relased.

The man who filed the report – Matthew Apperson – says Zimmerman pulled up next to his car Tuesday morning at a stop light on Lake Mary Boulevard. He claims Zimmerman and another man in Zimmerman’s pickup truck were yelling at him.

Apperson claims during the encounter on Tuesday Zimmerman yelled, “Why are you pointing your finger at me? I'll (expletive) kill you. Do you know who I am?”

Then Thursday, Apperson claims while he was driving into work off Waymont Court in Lake Mary, he saw Zimmerman’s pick-up near where he works, and claimed Zimmerman was following him.

This is what Apperson told 911 dispatchers yesterday morning.

“This is the location of the incident where this guy road raged on me, so apparently he’s thinking I live or work around here which is definitely the truth, and it’s really disheartening to see him lurking around here,” Apperson said to dispatchers.

In the video, police question George Zimmerman about all of this – and while Zimmerman acknowledges a disagreement between him and Apperson on Tuesday – he says he was just going to a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and just happened to be in the same area as Apperson.

Police say there’s no indication at this point the two had any sort of ongoing disagreement before this week, and it’s still unclear exactly what may have motivated what Apperson is claiming here.

Today I talked to Matthew Apperson, the man who made these police complaints – by phone.  He says he did feel like his life was in danger when Zimmerman threatened him in the road rage incident.

But police say he does not to want them to prosecute Zimmerman, and without that, police have not and do not plan on filing any charges against George Zimmerman.