Another shark bite in Brevard County, making three in the past two weeks. So why it is happening now?

It's thought that there are more bait fish -- shark food -- coming closer to shore.

With the sharks looking for a meal, lifeguards think the sharks are likely mistaking people in the water for food.

But three bites in a short time isn't deterring people from hitting the Brevard County beaches.

The latest shark bite involved a 45-year-old woman swimming in the water near Tulip Lane in Cocoa Beach on Tuesday. Lifeguards said she was bitten on the foot. She was treated and released from the hospital.

Just this past weekend, Christian Sanhueza was swimming on the beach near Patrick Air Force Base.

Suddenly his mom saw him dragged under the water and bitten on the heel. The shark quickly swam away.

We spoke to him on Tuesday as he celebrated his ninth birthday in a hospital bed. He was released Wednesday, but has a long road to recovery.

And back on July 21, eight-year-old Aadyn Crick was bitten by a shark just feet from the shore in Indialantic where he was vacationing with his family.

The Indiana family had just arrived at the beach near the boardwalk.

He too, faces a lengthy treatment from the wound near his knee.

'We've seen some bait pods come in, that's bringing in with it predator fish, and your sharks too," said Chief Jeff Scabarozi of Brevard Ocean Rescue.

But lifeguards said sharks aren't targeting people as prey, it's simply a case of mistaken identity.

Melbourne's Vic Menendez said just yesterday a beachgoer spotted a fin and lifeguards quickly cleared the beach.

"You can't go in the water with the attitude you might get bit, cause you'll never go in the water," he said.

Still, parents with young children we spoke to are on alert just in case -- like one parent of two young children we spoke with.

"It's the ocean. So we are sharing it. So it's always a concern," said Christy Shanta of Melbourne.

Brevard Ocean Rescue doesn't see these recent shark bites as a trend. Lifeguards stress -- swim in a lifeguard protected area. There are several dotting the coastline here in Brevard.