On the front end, Colby is a rambunctious 5-year-old. His backside is another story; Colby is paralyzed, possibly after being run over by a car. So Cheri and Ward Wells got him outfitted with wheels.

“So he uses a cart to keep him mobile; and he's very mobile, very mobile. He's faster than any other dog we have in his cart,” said Cheri.

Colby has a best friend in Smudge, the Wells' 16-year-old beagle. Smudge has only three legs after multiple surgeries and the couple said he was their inspiration.

"Their quality of life is still there. They're still happy and healthy and completely adoptable," said Cheri.

Cheri and her husband Ward created LoveyLoaves Sanctuary, which is a pet name for their dogs, with the goal of creating a network to raise awareness and money to help care for special needs pets.

"Right now, a lot of families just can't afford those types of issues with their dogs, and we saw an escalation of those types of dogs going into the shelter,” Cheri said.

Dogs adapt quickly, and there's proof of that.

The Wells are fostering a dachshund named Sassy whose back legs were amputated. But Sassy seems to hover at her bowl, happily wagging her tail.

But Cheri doesn't sugarcoat the challenges.

"I think anytime you're talking about a special needs -- whether it's blind, deaf, neurological disorders or amputees -- you know, we see all of that on a daily basis. But of course it takes somebody who is more patient and a little more caring just to provide that care,” Cheri said.

The carts the Wells have for the dogs are customized for that specific dog and their type of injury.

“Colby's size runs around $360 to $375. Larger carts run closer to the $800 [and] $900 range.”

While their foster home network is based in Central Florida, the Wells are trying to raise $500,000 to build a medical sanctuary for up to 100 dogs in South Carolina where it's cooler and they said costs will be lower.

LoveyLoaves gets 10 to 20 calls per week looking for foster homes for dogs like Colby. Unfortunately there's just not as many foster homes as dogs who need one.

"Some dogs can be adopted out but it takes a long time to find their special home. So we will be that special home until the right family comes along," Cheri said.

Colby is not up for adoption; the Wells said they would not be able to part with their LoveyLoaves ambassador.

But if you'd like to help, the group is holding their annual Arts for Carts fundraising event at Leu Gardens in October that will benefit special needs dogs and the sanctuary project.