There's a push to make one of Osceola County's largest communities a city.

Poinciana has an estimated 65,000 residents; just below the Census Bureau's latest population estimate for Kissimmee.

But Poinciana is essentially just a huge subdivision governed only by a homeowners association.

“It’s very frustrating that everything seems to be a struggle for us to get anything in Osceola County,” said PINCHOS Spokesperson Valentin Ramos.

Those frustrations led members of the Poinciana community to form PINCHOS a few years ago, with the goal of making Poinciana a recognized city.

It’s a move Ramos says will bring in millions of dollars to improve the community.

So the group has officially filed paper work with state legislators, who will decide if Poinciana residents can vote on whether the community becomes a city.

“I think we have the support of the community and I think if it goes to a vote that the community will overwhelmingly pass it,” said Ramos.

They filed similar paperwork last November, but weren’t successful.

But this time, the group believes legislators will agree that Poinciana can feasibly be a city.

Right now around 65,000 people are estimated to live in the Poinciana area, according to the homeowners association.

Despite the number of people, the community depends on County resources.

But if Poinciana becomes a city, they could have access to more resources.

“I think we need to be a city. Because we need to get the money that Kissimmee is getting, but we are getting nothing over here,” said resident William Baez.

The homeowners association, as well as those opposed told News 13 off camera that they feel like not everyone is excited about it becoming a city because there could be future costs and responsibilities weighing on the community.