Gage Boucher, 20, spends several nights a week working as a stock clerk at the Publix off Granada Boulevard in Ormond Beach. But it’s a random act of kindness that Boucher performed last weekend that has gone viral on social media.

In the photo, you can see a Boucher graciously helping an elderly man by bending down and tying his shoelaces.

“I didn’t really think nothing of it. I just came in the next day and I just realized it was big, I guess,” Boucher said.

However, when he saw an elderly man who needed his help last Saturday night, he did not hesitate to act.

“I just seen he was struggling," Boucher explained. "I looked over and he was going to do it and I just asked him to do it. I did his one shoe and I did the other.  He was trying to give me money, in the picture you can see he’s got his wallet and I said 'don’t worry about it. I’ll just do it.'”

Meanwhile, the Ormond Beach man who took the picture said he was simply in the store to buy some steaks, but he was so moved by the random act of kindness, he had to capture the moment.

“I’ve never seen that in a long long time, other than opening a door for someone and I was touched," said Keith Kiel, the man who took the picture. "I actually physically got a little emotional and I fumbled for my camera and I was going 'please let me get this shot.'”

“It’s a big deal but it’s just ordinary, common,” Boucher said.

However, Boucher’s ordinary act has been liked by about 200,000 people on Facebook and shared across social media by thousands of others.

Boucher hopes his good deed will be an inspiration to others.

“Just do it. Start being kind and if you see somebody needs help, just help them out,” Boucher concluded.