It's been three and a half years since Governor Rick Scott decided to kill a planned high-speed rail line stretching from Tampa to Orlando.

At the time, Scott cited the cost to taxpayers as his greatest concern, but the governor's decision is becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail. 

Without the federally-funded line, which would have included an Orlando to Miami extension, All Aboard Florida stands to make money with its own line.

Critics are accusing the governor of misleading the public and killing the top speed rail not because it was a risky venture, but because he wanted the benefits of a top advisor.

It's an accusation Scott denies.

"If you're sitting in traffic in October wondering who to vote for, and you could have taken a train that Rick Scott stopped in order to take care of another train that's not going to help you at all, that may impact your vote," said Steve Schale, Democratic strategist.

Supporters of that high-speed rail line say taxpayers wouldn't have been responsible if the project went over budget. They say the private companies building the line would have had to come up with the extra money.

Also under scrutiny, is Governor Scott's six-figure stake in a French energy company that is drilling near the everglades. Environmental supporters are agitated that a governor who pushes to spend tax dollars on preserving the everglades would then invest in drilling for oil near the same location.