Viral video on YouTube may have caught a beach theft in progress on New Smyrna Beach.

The victim doesn't want to press charges, but he did post the video, which makes the suspects look pretty bad.

Were they actually stealing, or did they mistake the beach gear for their own?

The man in video said he and his family were enjoying the beach on the Fourth of July. He had just returned from putting the kids down for a nap when he saw the women trying to take down his beach canopy and taking beach chairs, boogie boards and even the kids' toys.

The man confronted the women and caught the whole thing on a camera phone:

Man: Is that yours?

Women: Yeah, but we don't know how to do it?

Man: Oh, you need some help?

Women: You know how to do it?

Man: Yeah, this is our stuff!

It's what happened next that really has people talking about the video. The man said he'll let the whole incident slide. But the women insisted the man was wrong and became belligerent and even tried to slap the man's phone away.

He said he stepped away, but she lunged at him and threatened him. Then they said they needed to call someone, and ran off.

That's when the man's family called 911.

Police are investigating, but likely will not try to find the women or arrest them because the man did not want to press charges.