Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi was in Orlando today to show off some high-tech, crime-fighting tools.

These tools are being placed at businesses to quickly alert customers to crimes and missing persons.

News 13 spoke to the Attorney General who says she wants these things to go national, and can’t stop raving about the newest crime fighting tool unveiled Wednesday in Marion County.

“I was floored when I saw this," said Bondi. "I think it should go all across the country, as I was sitting there, I was already trying to contact the National Attorney General's Association.”

So what is it? It’s the brainchild of Sheriff Chris Blair who used to travel to the mall each day 30 years ago to update suspect photos.

“We created a little kiosk from styrofoam and it was successful we got each perpetrator identified,” said Sheriff Blair.

With $300,000 in crime prevention funding, the department has come along way from those Polaroids. A sleek, three-screen computerized kiosk that will notify people of amber and silver alerts, impending weather, wanted suspects, sex offenders or other announcements.

"If there’s a robbery that’s just occurred we’ll get an image of the suspect or a vehicle description and put it on the top screen," said Sheriff Blair.

And the information that goes out to these kiosks can be separated, so if example if there was a suspect that was just terrorizing one particular community or shopping plaza it could just go on machines in that area.”

Russ Moore was one of the first business owners to get one delivered to his store Wednesday.

“Any crime that goes on in our shopping center that’s supposed to be up there in three to five minutes. Possibly we see the criminal and get them arrested a whole lot quicker,” said Russ Moore, a local business owner.

The kiosks will be distributed free of charge to the first 100 stores who sign up in Marion County; and after that, if Bondi has her way, to every store in America.