The search for a murder victim is over, and because she hasn’t been found her killer’s deal with prosecutors could be changing.

Earlier this week, Michael Annicchiarico agreed to plead no contest to second-degree murder.

In the agreement, Annicchiarico would show Volusia County investigators where he left his ex-girlfriend's body back in 2011. In exchange, he'd spend less time in prison if the body was found.

For a third day, dozens of searchers fanned out in the woods and high grass in extreme southern Flagler County.

This is where Michael Annicchiarico said he dumped the body of Mandy Ciehanoski in 2011. He said it was near a pump house, and there are quite a few out here.

Looking on is Mandy Ciehanoski's mother. She said it has been a tough journey to get here.

“Absolutely. It has been," said Debra Ciehanoski. "It's never stopped being a tough journey. It's all you do. It's still the same to me.”

The “same” is no daughter. Ciehanoski was hoping these searchers would find something, some sign of Mandy.

“I just think positive," Ciehanoski said. "I would like to think that they are gonna find something, find her, find something that puts her here. That gives me peace, a little peace and some place I can come and bring her flowers and talk to her. 'Cause I don't have that.”

Part of the deal with Annicchiarico is that if Ciehanoski's remains were found, he'd face a 15 to 20 year prison sentence.

If nothing was found, he could be sentenced between 25 years and life.

Ciehanoski couldn't comment on that agreement, but she would rather have a third option.

“All I can tell you is what I've told everyone else: if it were up to me, I would have my daughter and he would be dead.”

This is not to say Mandy Ciehanoski's body was not left in the area. But it has been three years, Annicchiarico did not bury her and those remains could have been scattered outside of this search area.

A spokesman with the Volusia County Sheriff's office said they still have some investigative work to do, but as far as this site is concerned, they're done with it.