A possible new victim claims Matthew Graziotti, the teacher arrested by the FBI for child porn Monday, inappropriately touched him at school.

Parents whose children attend Warner Christian Academy and its summer program received a phone message Monday night letting them know about the arrest and suspension of Matthew Graziotti, 42, an elementary teacher and summer camp director.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Harr Law firm filed an intent to initiate litigation against Warner Christian Academy.

Jason Harr said he represents the legal guardians of a minor who attends the academy's summer camp.

The Harr law firm alleges that just last week a little boy enrolled in a Warner Christian summer camp was left alone with Graziotti and that Graziotti allegedly touched that boy inappropriately.

"...As well as in a swimming pool maneuvered the child on his shoulders and looked up his bathing suit," said Jason Harr with the Harr law firm.

Harr said the boy's guardians confronted the boy after reports of Graziotti's arrest. That's when the boy told them what Graziotti did to him while on a summer camp field trip. Graziotti was the only adult on the trip.

"The incident happened at a waterpark during a field trip last week," said Harr.

Graziotti was arrested Monday after FBI agents found thousands of child porn pictures on his laptop, as well as several videos depicting children, all of them boys.

Several of the pictures were in a folder labelled “personally known.”

It's something a grandmother we spoke with finds disturbing. She said Graziotti made a request which she now finds chilling in light of the allegations.

"He had come to me several times wanting to talk to me about mentoring my grandson. And my grandson is nine," she said.

She does not know if the two were ever left alone.