News 13 has obtained new documents detailing the scandal surrounding former Orange County Expressway Authority members.

Scott Batterson is facing felony charges of bribery and solicitation. He's also facing a misdemeanor charge of violating the Sunshine Law.

Former representative Chris Dorworth faces a misdemeanor Sunshine Law charge, as does his girlfriend, Rebekah Hammond. An earlier News 13 story said both Hammond and Dorworth faced charges. However, both face only the one misdemeanor charge.

The documents we reviewed outline some of the case against them.

We are finally hearing from former board member Marco Pena, who cut a deal with the state attorney’s office. Pena is now the state's star witness in this case.

In the documents we've examined, about 300 pages of testimony, Pena describes his relationship with Batterson and Dorworth, and how he says they all broke the law, and the publics trust.

May 8 was first meeting between State Attorney Jeff Ashton's office and Marco Pena, about a week after Scott Batterson was indicted on felony bribery and solicitation charges.

During the questing, Marco Pena reveals how it was former state representative Chris Dorworth and Scott Batterson who helped get him appointed to the Expressway Authority Board.

It wasn't long after that Pena says he learned Dorworth and Batterson were long time friends, and that Dorworth had his own interest in business with the Expressway Authority.

The former representative was working as lobbyist for Jim Palmer, who according to documents, is set to make $32 million from the board for the Wekiva Parkway project.

Pena reveals that during his time on the board he was constantly seeking advice from Dorworth about expressway business.

Specifically involving the ousting of former Executive Director Max Crummit.

Pena, Batterson, and Noranne Downs all voted to oust Max Crummit in August of 2013.

Pena says it was first discussed at a dinner at Christners in July.

Dorworth wanted Crummit off the board because he didn't think his clients project was moving fast enough. Dorworth also tried to get Pena appointed as the chairman of the board.

He then wanted Pena to appoint people from his inner circle, to make sure the Wekiva deal went through.

Pena told Ashton he felt uncomfortable with Dorworth’s request, and chose not to pursue chairman.

Pena told prosecutors he did not think at the time he was breaking the law by having these conversations with Dorworth.

Pena plead guilty to a misdemeanor of violating the sunshine law, and paid a fine.