A bull shark has been spotted in a freshwater pond at a beachside park in Indian Harbour Beach.

A city employee saw the 3-foot or 4-foot animal a few weeks ago at Gleason Park off South Patrick Drive.

The park is well used by families who enjoy the playgrounds and walking trail that surrounds the pond. They urge people to be aware the shark is in the water.

The question is: How did it get in the pond?


UPDATE: Shark caught Thursday


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It's thought someone had to put it in there because the drainage pipes are much too small.

“We don't know if it grew big enough for us to see it, or if they did it a month or two ago and thought it would be fun to stick it in here to see if it would live,” said Eric Larson from Indian Harbour Beach Public Works..

Courtney Bayer, her husband, and their two children visit Gleason Park all of the time. But they didn't know what was lurking in the tiny pond where turtles, fish and birds normal are.

"It's crazy," Bayer said. "How would a shark get into the pond?"

A local wildlife trapper began trying to catch the shark Monday. When it's caught, the shark will be put back into the nearby Indian River.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they are looking into what kind of action they can take if they locate who put the shark in the pond.