Jobs are being created in Orlando, but not the type you’d normally think of.

These are jobs in the tech field, created by entrepreneurs in the form of what’s called a startup. We took a closer look at one Orlando startup that is making the world think of Orlando when thinking about the tech industry.

Coding; it’s what developers do to write what you see on the internet, on websites and apps.

“It’s really a booming industry, here in Orlando, which is pretty interesting because nobody would really think of that. They think 'Disney,' right? And they think Universal and they think theme parks,” said Michael Parler, Purple Rock Scissors.

Michael Parler is the vice president of Purple Rock Scissors, an Orlando startup with a value of around $20 million. Parler says his company and other startups in Central Florida have an edge when it comes to winning business.

“Cost of living here is a lot more affordable. So labor is a lot more affordable for these global companies,” added Parler.

Which is one reason Purple Rock Scissors was able to land a Swiss client valued at $1 billion.

Another, is just the talent they have to get the job done, much like other startups here are now being considered when companies are thinking about high tech needs.

“Specifically, in our building alone, there’s probably half the residents or tenants in our building are tech companies in one way, shape or form,” says Parler.

Complete with the ping-pong table and social, quirky atmosphere, Parler says more offices like this could open around here because of the support from the city of Orlando and other like-minded entrepreneurs.

“There’s Creative Morning, which we host from time to time here at Purple. Next year, the city is planning for Orlando IX,” said Parler.

Parler explains it as a multi-day technology event, kind of like the music event South by Southwest. Also, a new co-working space, called Canvs will open downtown, similar to the open concept of the Purple Rock Scissors space, for tech entrepreneurs. After seeing his business size multiply ten times, Parler says now is the time for tech in Orlando.

“Commerce is happening online. Healthcare is happening online. Government is happening online,” said Parler.