Wearable fitness trackers -- like the Fitbit or the Nike FuelBand -- are all the rage among the health and fitness conscious.

Now, some companies are getting ready to offer similar technology.

For animals, that is.

"We essentially created a WebMD for dogs," said Jeff Noce, the president of i4C Innovations, a small company and the creator and VOYCE.

The 6-ounce collar -- or the health band -- includes 350 components that track a pet's sleep, restlessness, step count and caloric burn just like the fitness bands owners may sport.

"If you understand your dog from a behavioral perspective, as well as from a physiological perspective, your relationship becomes much stronger much sooner and lasts for a longer period of time," Noce said.

The technology comes as spending on pets hits a record high: more than $55 billion in 2013, according to one industry survey.

The rapidly growing capabilities of smartphones and applications means owners can remind themselves to walk the dog or even remotely keep tabs on a pup.

For example, voice allows you to check in on a dog's activity from a mobile device. An owner can even keep a dog's medical history on hand.

"If you start a new doggie day care and you forget to bring your kennel call vaccination, you pull it up from your phone and email it right there," said Emily Hartman, director of product management for i4C Innovations.

VOYCE said its technology will make it easier to flag potential health conditions, too.

It'll only be available or bigger dogs this summer. Availability for toy breeds and cats could be available early next year.