The Palm Bay City Council put a final stop on red light cameras Thursday night in Brevard County.

The city council voted 4-1 to end the program. The cameras will stop running Sunday. The contract with the company ends this month.

Discontinuing the cameras also ends funds that assist a teen program.

Approximately one-third of the $158 citation for running a red light goes to the city. With 1,900 citations last year, that amount certainly adds up.

The camera revenue also provided $30,000 for the new Juniors to Jobs program, which matches as many as 30 incoming high school seniors with a local business for a summer job.

The program helps students learn employment skills they can’t learn in the classroom.

Mayor William Capote said he hopes the program will make it without the funding.

“That was a portion that was instrumental in getting this program off the ground,” Capote said. “Now I’m employing that responsibility on the business community. Let’s make this happen.”

The city is already seeking businesses to help support the program or even sponsor a student.

Drivers complained the cameras are a little too much like big brother and don't improve safety at intersections.