Orange County Sheriff's deputies said they have located the body of a missing Orlando mother, last seen Feb. 9.

Enel Brumaire, the husband of Carline Brumaire Jean, said deputies informed him Monday night they had pulled her car, with her body inside, from a retention pond near the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando.

Deputies said a member of the hotel's security team noticed bushes were out of place in the resort's rear parking lot Monday morning, and noticed a Toyota hubcap floating on top of the water.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office dive team located the missing woman's car in the water.

A body, believed to be Brumaire Jean, was inside. However, an autopsy will need to be done to make final determination.

Brumaire Jean was last seen leaving her housekeeping job at the hotel on Feb. 9.

According to Brumaire, there was surveillance video of her car leaving the hotel at 4:21 p.m. that afternoon, but no one had seen or heard from her since.

Mwanwhile, Brumaire Jean's family wants to know why it took deputies more than three weeks to find her.

Brumaire told investigators she was an inexperienced driver and may have accidentally driven off the road, into a retention pond.

"The question is what did law enforcement do to launch their search and question number two -- the bigger question -- how much searching did the people at Universal do," said James Copenhaver, a private investigator who has contributed to several similar searches. 

Copenhaver said it appears a few stones went unturned during the investigation.

"The concerning thing for me is that this hubcap would not sink and then re-surface. So i'm going to suggest that hub cap was floating from day one, and somebody just missed it," said Copenhaver.

An attorney for the Brumaire family, Jean Bernard Chery, said the family is still waiting to learn from the Sheriff's Office what kind of search was conducted in her case before they comment.
"We may think that they did not look, maybe they did, so i'm not going to comment on that," said Chery.

Deputies would not say what search they conducted for Carline.

Orlando police have taken over the case as a traffic fatality and are investigating. They said all initial accounts is that this is a tragic single vehicle crash.

Universal Studios is not answering any questions about the accident. They did release this statement:

"Our thoughts and sympathies are with Carline's family and friends during this difficult time. We will do everything we can to help both her family and all of our team members,  including having grief counselors available to team members."