Meet Sonic. Don’t let his size scare you off. He’s a gentle giant.

“He loves people, he just wants to be with people and he’s very sensitive and very in tuned to what people are feeling,” said Crystal Ayala, the CEO for Paws For Veterans.

Sonic is now in the care of Paws for Veterans here in Brevard County, looking for a new home. His ability to comfort people and ease stress makes him a perfect service dog for a local veteran.

Sonic has had no ordinary training. His tale starts in California. He was pulled out of a Los Angeles drug house and court ordered to be put down.

But the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan rescued and rehabilitated the pooch. The reality TV star’s Dog Psychology Center posted a message on Facebook about finding a new home for Sonic.

That’s when a volunteer for Paws for Veterans emailed the center, and almost instantly got a response back.

Crystal Ayala picked up Sonic a week ago and now the 4-year-old pit bull is under her training in Brevard County.

The group is now looking to match Sonic with a Brevard County veteran, someone with post-traumatic stress disorder, a brain injury or another physical disability. Someone, Crystal said, willing to take in a very social service dog.

“You lose that, you know with PTSD, you lose those social skills. He’s going to help you regain them, but it’s going to be quick,” Ayala said.

Sonic, a rescued dog, who’s now ready to rescue a veteran.

If you know a Brevard County veteran who may need a service dog, like Sonic, head to the Paws for Veterans website.