The Transportation Security Administration is working with Orlando International Airport to conduct new threat assessments, a new security improvement with the help of some four-legged friends. 

In a time when security step-ups are usually more time-consuming for passengers, the new process is actually speeding up things.

The TSA said it wants to stay away from a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to any security issue, and that starts by working in real time with bomb-sniffing dogs.

"This basically allows us to take a group and put them in a pre-check lane, because we know about them through this individual instance coming through," said Jerry Henderson, the TSA's security director at MCO.

The process started Dec. 19. During peak travel times, security dogs pace back and forth, sniffing passengers even before they get to the metal detectors. Behavior detection officers also keep their eyes out for any suspicious behavior.

People are then randomly allowed to go through expedited lines where they do not have to remove their belts or jackets, or take laptops out of their bags.

"It's great," said Erica Cassimere, who was visiting Orlando from Dallas. "It's just an extra layer of security. It's non-invasive, the dog is very friendly, and the handler had a very good handle on him. So, I think it's really good."

TSA officials said the agency's goal is to be the most effective it can be while improving passenger experience. So far, passengers we spoke with have said it's working.

Henderson said two more dogs will begin working at the checkpoints in Orlando as soon as they get a little older and finish training sometime this summer.