It's the talk of Cocoa Beach: the fate of a controversial run-down building, and now the death of the man trying to save his part of it.

Especially now that Frank Wolfe was found dead in the parking lot Wednesday afternoon, police say from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

So now will this clear the way for a legal dispute over the building's future to finally come to an end?

The 1960s era Glass Bank building in downtown Cocoa Beach wasn't always in this shape: Broken windows, a leaky roof, concerns of mold and asbestos. And worries of just how sound the structure is.

Before the building fell into disarray, Frank Wolfe kept up an almost Vegas feel as he lived on the top floor suite.

But eventually the space deteriorated, embroiling him in a legal battle with the Glass Bank Condominium Association, which oversaw the rest of the building.

Tuesday a court of appeals ruling ordered Wolfe to pay millions in repairs or allow the structure to be foreclosed or demolished.

Wolfe died just feet away from the home he lived in for so many years. We may never know the real reason he took his own life.

"It is very sad, but you have to accept change, and why would you want to live in an unsafe building?" said part-time Cocoa Beach resident Judy Wolff.

"Maybe make a good thing out of it. Turn it into something that is not a controversial thing, or a fight," said tourist Mike Talbot.

Scott Widerman, the attorney for the Glass Bank Building gave us a statement:

"Our position is one of disbelief. We are naturally sorry to hear about this tragic event.  It is not imaginable that this breach of contract action would have this result.  The Trial and Appellate Court found Mr. Wolfe responsible for the damage to the building.  This was not the outcome anyone could imagine or desired."

We first reported last month the city commission agreed to demolish the building for the condo association, who would pay Cocoa Beach back.