Three men who police said were involved in a shooting in a parking lot Eastern Florida State College in Palm Bay have all been arrested.

The shooting happened Jan. 30. Investigators said brothers Amado Contreras, 25, and Landyer Contreras, 29, started attacking 24-year-old Landrick Hamilton with a pool cue. That’s when, according to police, Hamilton reached into his car, pulled out a handgun and shot Amado Contreras in the chest.

"They (the Contreras brothers) encountered the victim, and had words exchanged, this has been an on-going feud going on for a while, they've known each other for several years," said Palm Bay Police Spokesperson Yvonne Martinez.

Palm Bay Police said Hamilton claimed he was acting in self-defense. 

The State Attorney’s Office began a review of the case since Hamilton and the Contreras brothers all claimed self-defense.

“Since the shooting happened at the college, we’ve been working closely with the State Attorney’s office and we’ve been reviewing the case because all parties had claimed self-defense initially. So we’ve arrived at some conclusions here that all three are going to be facing criminal charges.”

All three have been charged with fighting in public and disorderly conduct. Landyer Contreras was also charged with aggravated battery.