A possible sinkhole opened up in a backyard in the Pine Hills area of Orange County, forcing fire officials to tell the homeowners to leave their home.

The hole swallowed a backyard bench swing set at the home, near Preakness Drive and Lake Horseshoe Drive, off North Powers Drive, north of Silver Star Road.

The estimated size of the hole has changed since initial reports. The latest estimates put the hole at 8 feet wide and 9 feet deep -- not as deep as an earlier estimate of 50 feet, but still dangerous, as the hole was just about 3 feet from the home's foundation.

The hole is still classified as a "possible sinkhole," because only a geologist can officially say for sure. Fire officials said they believe it may just be a depression, because sinkholes usually go down to the water line.

In addition to the homeowners, neighbors were also told to pack up and evacuate their homes, which stand just 15 feet from the gaping hole.

Thursday's hole is the second one to open up in Central Florida in the last week. On Monday, a confirmed sinkhole opened in Clermont, in the middle of an intersection in the Hartwood Reserve neighborhood.