The Marion County School Board's vice chairwoman raised eyebrows when she closed the meeting with a bizarre rant, claiming she had cracked a "secret code" related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Angie Boynton was noticeably absent when Florida's first lady visited Marion County Schools Thursday.

At the end of Tuesday night's board meeting, Angie Boynton paused from her final comments, looked directly into a camera recording the public meeting, and made some unusual comments directed at someone whom she claimed kidnapped her daughter.

"I want to thank those people who -- you probably will get your message -- that helped free my daughter, and to use this arena as a way to communicate, I don't find it to be anything pleasant, but I will talk through it," Boynton said.

It was one the most unusual and off-topic speeches you’ll ever hear at a school board meeting.

School Board Chair Bobby James sitting next to her in the meeting reached over several times, later explaining he had no idea what she was saying or why she was saying it.

“We support all our board members and all of our staff. The things that were being said you need someone to reach over," James said.

But Boynton continued finally revealing she thought she was in this situation because she had uncovered a secret code she’d sent to then-President George W. Bush.

"It was about 9/11 and you are going to get sketchy thoughts and the police are not able to come near me and they should continue their stance."

Ocala Police said they couldn’t find any record of Boynton reporting any threats against her or her family to them. A Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said they had no reports either, but couldn't comment on whether they'd ever been called to her Marion County home.

While the driving force behind her speech remains a mystery, the school district said they’ve received no parent or teacher complaints regarding Boynton and see no reason why her personal life should affect her work. She couldn’t be reached for comment to confirm she’d be at the board’s workshop next week.

“She is working through these particular issues and she wanted me to let all the people that are out there that heard and were concerned that she will be OK,” James said.

Boynton is up for re-election in August.