A 72-year-old man has been charged with indecent exposure after Orlando police said he was caught sunbathing naked by the swimming pool of a condominium complex.

Police were called Sunday to the Windhover Condos, near South Kirkman Road and Vineland Road. The responding officer said he arrived to find Thomas William Boschke lying on a beach chair with his shorts pulled down, exposing his genitals.

The officer said Boschke looked up and stared at him before shouting, "You got to be kidding me" and pulling up his shorts. The officer then took Boschke into custody.

Police said the fence surrounding the pool was unlocked and everyone in the complex, including children, had full access to the pool area. No children were present when the police officer responded to the scene.

Police said a witness told them Boscke kept adjusting his shorts and then had begun walking around the pool "as if he wanted someone to see" him exposing himself.