A crowd waiting for a beauty store sale in Pine Hills was dispersed with pepper spray.

Now people say Orlando Police, who broke up the crowd, went too far.

People were lined up as early as 2 a.m. to try and get their hands on hair extensions and weaves at Beauty Exchange on North Pine Hills Road. They said the store was practically giving them away.

"There was an ad out for bundles for one cent, everyone is going to get a bundle for once cent," said Mone Moni.

Moni works two doors down at Boujeelyfe Salon. She said the crowd was under control and didn't see anyone pushing.

"There were kids, pregnant women, strollers, moms, dads, everybody was there," Moni said.

Orlando Police said the officers had to pepper spray the crowd because they were unruly and out of control. No one was injured by the pepper spray they said, and they also said it was sprayed up into the air.

In store surveillance video, however, it appears to be sprayed at eye level. Moni believes police went too far.

"We couldn't breathe out there, yeah they did too much, we couldn't breathe," Moni.

The owners of the store said they also think the police should not have pepper sprayed into the crowd, which they called loyal customers. There will be another grand opening sale Saturday morning. They are hoping there won't be any further issues.