A Volusia County man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing two women, but this is not the first time he’s been charged with murder.

Roy Swafford, 67, appeared before a judge Friday morning in Daytona Beach. He pleaded guilty to the murders and was sentenced to life in prison.

In 1982 Swafford murdered Brenda Rucker, leaving her body in a wooded area in Ormond Beach. He was sentenced to death.

In 2003, DNA connected Swafford to the death of Diane Markland, 17, in 1981. Her body was found about a mile away from where Brenda Rucker's body was found. Both women had also been sexually assaulted.

But charges were never filed in the Markland case, because lawyers feared it would jeopardize the process to appeal Swafford's death sentence.

Back in November, the Florida Supreme Court overturned Swafford’s death sentence for Brenda Rucker and ordered a new trial.

Prosecutors offered Swafford a deal -- life in prison for both Rucker and Markland. He took the deal.

The hearing Friday gave Diane Markland's family a chance to confront her killer.

“For you clearly do not deserve to breathe the air we good people on Earth breathe.  For you, Swafford, will never rest in peace,” a tearful Chris Markland said in court of his sister’s killer.

During Chris Markland’s speech, his wife Kathryn gestured and pointed at Swafford who sat motionless.  “It was just to acknowledge to him ‘your day’s done. You no longer have any room in our thoughts or in our minds. You’re done,” Markland said after Swafford was led out of court.

The judge sentenced Swafford to two consecutive life terms because he plead guilty to both murders.  However, the judge gave him a credit of 30 years and four months for time already served.