The teen pop group Next Radical Generation is no stranger to performing for crowds in their hometown of Plant City but just a few days ago they were performing in the Big Apple on Broadway.

The group of 13- and 14-year-old friends spent two weeks in New York performing in the musical "Feather" as a part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

"It was an unbelievable experience that I’m never going to forget," said group member Ashtyn.

"I was super excited and was counting down the minutes for us to go," said Bryson, who is also part of the group.

“It was awesome," member Arie said. "It was real life choreographers, performers and actors from different Broadway shows like 'Wicked.'"

“I was just so excited," Jourdain said. "I couldn’t believe the opportunity."

After their stint on the stage the group hit the streets of New York and performed at landmarks like Central Park and Grand Central Station.

“Just to know that we as a performing group were performing there, it was unbelievable" group member Benji said.

“It’s just so amazing, getting to go, and going as a group made it a whole lot better,” member Marlee said. 

“[They] go to do their own performances for NRG throughout the city and in the same studio where Mariah Carey has recorded songs, words can’t do this justice,” said the group’s executive producer Yvonne Fry.

 NRG is set to be featured in Busch Garden’s “Christmas Town” this holiday season.