New details in the arrest resulting in the biggest child porn bust in state history are upsetting.

Investigators say they found girl's clothing and even pacifiers when they raided John Shearen's Leesburg apartment Thursday.

Friday morning, a judge refused to give Shearen bond.

He was arrested Thursday and faces charged for possessing and distributing child pornography.

The arrest affidavit lists the disturbing names and descriptions of many of the videos authorities say they found in his home.

It was some of the other items that had people in the neighborhood even more worried.

Detectives with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are busy cataloguing the 51-year-old’s collection of child pornography.

Shearen, a retired Naval officer, said he began downloading back in 2001 while still living in Hawaii.

When agents went to his Leesburg home in the Lakeside Point Apartments Thursday, they say that collection had reached somewhere close to one million files.

They say he was streaming videos to his computers and hard drives the morning they arrived.

One of the videos listed in the report lists unthinkable acts to a child described as being just 2 or 3 years old.

The same Sheriff’s office report shows even though Shearen was never married nor had kids, agents found girl’s clothing, pacifiers and Sippy cups in the apartment.

Shearen told investigators he used all the items himself.

He told investigators he didn’t make the porn himself, and his only sexual experience with a minor was with a teen prostitute while he was in the navy.

The report implored a judge to hold Shearen in jail without bond, or if he was allowed out, make sure he didn’t have any contact with minors.

At his first appearance Friday, a judge decided against allowing Shearen bond and appointed him a public defender.

Shearen was initially charged with 15 counts each of possessing and distributing child pornography, but FDLE says they will work with the state attorney’s office in determining if they will add up to a million more charges.

Because of the massive task of going through all those files, FDLE wasn’t able to speak to neighbors Friday.

If you live in the Leesburg area and have any information on potential victims, contact FDLE’s cyber team directly at 407-245-0500.