On Wednesday the teenager who was shot while riding in the back of her parent's minivan was in the same room as the man on trial for pulling the trigger.

For the first time, Danielle Sampson was brought in the courtroom. She is still recovering from severe brain damage.

“It is her right to be here,” said Daniel’s sister Baje Fletcher. “She can't talk for herself, but Danielle I know wants to be here."

Tyrone Mosby is accused of shooting Danielle Sampson last year.

The state was counting on the testimony Andre Enmond, a co-defendant with Mosby in another case that includes a racketeering charge. In court the state prosecutor said Enmond originally told her that Mosby was in the dark colored SUV seen on the scene of the shooting.

However at the last minute Enmond decided he did not want to testify.

“It was all a misunderstanding,” said Enmond.  “My knowledge wasn't correct. On my own will, I'm not testifying."

He was offered immunity for his testimony, but because of his sudden refusal to testify he was held in contempt of court.

Tyrone Mosby also chose not to testify. He has every right to remain silent.

Jurors did hear from a slew of law enforcement officers who followed up with over a 100 potential witnesses and tips leading up to arrest of Tyrone Mosby for the attempted murder of Sampson.

"She's not the same kid because of a senseless act and the violence has to stop," said Baje.

The defense asked the judge to throw out Mosby’s attempted first degree murder charge because they said the state has not provided enough evidence that Mosby was the fired the shots that struck Sampson. The judge denied that motion.

That wasn't the only blow to the prosecution's case.

The state also called Tanya Roberts to the stand, who testified to seeing Mosby driving in the vehicle involved in the shooting, but she said she was threatened by the Orange County Sheriff's Office to make that statement.

"They threatened my children. They said they could make my life a living hell," said Roberts.

Investigator Chris DeLott denied Roberts’ accusations and said she voluntarily offered that information.

Closing arguments are scheduled to be heard Thursday morning in this case.