A bear is caught on video breaking into a home in Seminole County for the second time in less than a week.

According to homeowner Tramaine Gaines, the bear break-in took place on his back patio at his home in the Magnolia Plantation subdivision of Markham Woods Road in Lake Mary. 

In the cell phone video, the black bear looks confident and comfortable on Gaines' back patio.

“I was just more dumbfounded this time and now I’m really trying to prepare and figure out how to avoid it happening again," explained Lake Mary homeowner Tramaine Gaines.

The first time Gaines admits it was his fault when the bear broke into his back patio on Christmas night.  He remembers leaving some cooking oil out. 

But Gaines quickly learned his lesson, making sure to not leave anything that would attract the bear on his back patio.

However, it appears the same bear came back for a second helping Sunday night. 

"He looked at me, walked in, he pretty much just smelled the entire porch. He went down to the other end, came back down. Once he realized there’s no food, he kinda just strolled right back out like passing through," Gaines recalled.

Gaines said one idea he has to keep the bear out is replacing his screened-in patio with glass doors.

However, his first priority is getting in touch with Florida Fish and Wildlife for their expert opinion.

 “I’ve been cautiously planning how to avoid it, without getting too serious because at the end of the day, we’re all God’s creatures. I don’t want to see the bear killed. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to the bear, I just want to figure out how we can co-exist properly," Gaines said.