Deputies have not filed any charges against the person who shot a weapon Christmas Day, killing a Deltona man.

The stray bullet hit 69-year-old Bruce Fleming while he was in his backyard.

Family members are questioning whether the shooter was using a makeshift shooting range.

Anne Gosling, a family friend, said she was angry when she heard what happened.

Fleming was standing outside his home Wednesday in a rural part of Deltona on Cadehill drive when he was struck in the chest by what sheriff's deputies believe was a stray bullet coming from his neighbor's home.

Fleming's wife called 911.

911 Operator: What exactly happened?

Caller: He's shot in the chest.

911: With what?

Caller: I'm sorry

911: With what?

Caller: I’m sorry

911: With what?

Caller: Which one what?

911: With what? What was he shot with?

Caller: I don't know...

During that 911 call, another person is heard screaming, saying Fleming is coughing up blood.

One neighbor who was trying to help Fleming, questioneds the 911 operator's interest in the weapon used, rather than Fleming's condition.

911: It’s a rifle that they're shooting?

Caller: I don't know what they're shooting, does it matter?

A spokesman with the sheriff’s office said the 911 operator acted appropriately asking about the weapon to pass that information on to deputies responding to the call.