A new report shows Orange County's home confinement program is still not ready to reopen.

But several reforms are now in place.

Judge Belvin Perry said they have to build a new foundation for safety.

An assessment report shows work toward that goal with new managers in place.

In June, Perry ordered the suspension of home confinement program.

This decision was made after a man on the program cut off his GPS monitoring bracelet and shot at an Easter party in Apopka.

Months earlier, Alex Zaldivar was killed when Bessman Okafor violated pre-trial conditions and removed his GPS device, according to investigators.

In the fallout from since, more than a handful of supervisors within the corrections division were suspended or resigned.

“We thought that strapping GPS on someone without the proper tools in place gave people the illusion of safety with no safety involved. It was simply an illusion. So, this is why we’re going to carefully look, study this whole thing from top to bottom to see what will work, what will not work,” said Perry.

Major conclusioins from the assessment report:

  • There are several new managers in CCD with a focus on program effectiveness and risk management
  • The Quality Assurance Program has resulted in compliance and performance improvement
  • Policies and procedures have been completely overhauled.

Perry said there will be no timeline set because they want to get it right.

They are looking at new technology for those who are eligible for pre-trial release.