If you have gotten health services at Orange County's Department of Health, check your credit history.

The health department said two former employees created lists containing names, birthdates and social security numbers from patient records. The information was used to file false tax returns.

It did not include medical information, bank accounts, credit card accounts or other info.

According to the FBI, 148 people were on the first list they recovered, many of which were between the ages of 17 and 18. This has been going on since 2011.

The information was used to file fraudulent tax returns.

However, the FBI says there may be as many as 2,300 patients whose data from the health department was stolen.

Gerald Williams and Shanterica Smith are the two former employees accused of stealing the data. They have been arrested.

Also arrested was Delray Duncan, who is Williams' brother. According to the arrest report, Duncan talked to Williams about doing this because he was having financial difficulties.

The health department said it is working to reach out to anyone who was affected. Patients should review their credit history for any fraudulent activity. Several websites pull credit records for free.

If you have any fraudulent activity in your credit report, contact the Orange County Sheriff's Office at 407-253-7000. The health department can also answer questions at 407-858-1490.