Pressure continues to mount for police in Sanford, questions continue to go unanswered, and there looks to be some dissension amongst the ranks.

An internal investigation has been launched after someone inside the Sanford Police Department leaked information about the Trayvon Martin case to the media.

The information revolves around the statements made by George Zimmerman, 28, in the moments before the shooting.

According to the report, Zimmerman said he was on his way to the grocery store, when he spotted Trayvon Martin. He said he stopped to talk to the teen, but then lost track of him.

Zimmerman then told police Martin came up from behind and attacked him, punching him in the nose.

The police report said Zimmerman had a bloody nose and cuts on the back of his head when officers arrived, but added he did not go to the hospital.

On Tuesday, Darren Scott, the acting police chief, addressed the pressure this case and the media attention has affected the department.

"It's just very overwhelming that all of this has come about," Scott said.

The chief also said he believes his officers are handling the situation as well as could be expected.

Chief Scott told the media Tuesday that apparently one employee does not feel that enough is being done and an internal investigation has been launched into whom may have released information to the Orlando Sentinel.

Coming to the defense of Sanford police was former Miami state trooper Wolfgang Halbig, who made it a point to remind reporters that an initial Sanford police report shows Zimmerman looked to be arrested for manslaughter.

Somewhere along the line someone at the department decided that Zimmerman was acting in self-defense.

"When you see a dead body lying there, especially when it’s a child, it affects all of us," Halbig said.

Scott, who replaced Bill Lee was overall mum about anything to do with the case.

He only said his department has little to do with the current investigation, which is now in the hands of a state attorney, who is also a replacement.

"It (the investigation) is not in the police department’s hands right now, ok?” Scott said. “I can't pass judgment on anyone right now, so we are going to allow the outcome of this investigation by the state's attorneys office."

The Sanford Police department is already under heavy scrutiny for the way the investigation of Martin’s death has been handled so far, and word of a leak seems to be adding to that scrutiny.

Scott addressed the issue of trust between his department and the community, stating he believes that trust will be regained, but will take time.

Sanford police also added they will no longer hold daily press conferences on updates on the case.


Report: Martin was suspended for marijuana

The leaked information also revealed that Martin was in Sanford after being suspended from his high school in Miami from marijuana.

Martin’s parents and their attorneys, however, said that information is irrelevant to his death.

“Whatever Trayvon Martin was suspended for had absolutely no bearing on what happened the night of February 26th,” said attorney Benjamin Crump, representing the Martin family. “We told you previously he wasn’t suspended for anything violent or criminal, and if he and his friends experimented with marijuana, that is still completely irrelevant to George Zimmerman killing their son.”

The Martin family said police releasing information about their son being found with an empty marijuana bag at school was hurtful. Martin’s father said even in death, his son is being disrespected.

“We know Mr. Zimmerman shouldn’t have pursed him, but he did,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said during a town hall meeting Monday. “We know he shouldn’t have killed him, but he did, and there is no basis for a man over another man’s dead body with a gun to not be arrested and processed until there is clarity.”

The Trayvon Martin case is scheduled to go before a grand jury on April 10.