The Brevard County School Board has decided to fire a high school band leader accused of misconduct.

James Wilkins, who directed the Heritage High School band in Palm Bay, was suspended with pay earlier in November. He's accused of mistreating and speaking inappropriately to students, as well as mishandling band funds.

Dozens of students and parents attended a school board meeting Tuesday night in support of Wilkins, but the board voted to fire him.

Wilkins was accused of inappropriately speaking to female students, sometimes in a sexual manner.

A letter to Brevard County Superintendent Brian Binggeli also claimed Wilkins called students discriminatory names like "Pocahontas," "Panchero" and "Soul Train."

One student claimed Wilkins humiliated him in front of his entire class.

"Our son was so upset," the student's father said. "He had a distinct personality change for days after, where he wouldn't talk. He had tears in his eyes and he had been put down very bad, and that's when we started looking at what was actually happening in the classroom."

Binggeli said Wilkins also directed student leaders to punish other students with exercise.

Wilkins' attorney said he has already requested a hearing to try and get his client reinstated as band director.