GOTHA, Fla. — The town of Gotha in Orange County has seen water levels rise significantly in the last year and a half from four different bodies of water.

On Monday, residents met face to face with their county commissioner, Betsy VanderLey, asking for help.

"They said they could not do an immediate pumping of our lake, in particular Lake Nally, for various reasons," Gotha resident Paul DeHart said. "They are looking for bigger, long-term solutions."

Vanderley says she has been aware of the problem.

"I've been working on this problem for over a year now, trying to find out what the certain influences are in terms of the water in this area, where it's coming from and how we resolve that issue in a way that is responsive to the immediate needs of the community," the commissioner from District 1 said.

Vanderley also told Spectrum News 13 the county wants to help find a solution to this growing problem.