ZELLWOOD, Fla. — It's not the kids but the mom who dreads going to one Orange County school each day.

  • Mom says turning left at Jones Avenue and US 441 is not safe
  • "You're taking your life into your hands," Robbi Bain says
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To get Robbi Bain's four children to Zellwood Elementary School in the morning, she has to make a left turn at the intersection of Jones Avenue and U.S. 441.

But she says that's no easy feat.

"It gives us a lot of anxiety; you have to mentally prepare for it," Bain said.

Bain says the intersection has several problems, including vehicles that don't slow down; it's used often by large trucks, which block the median; and it's not perpendicular.

"You can't really make a left quickly, so you have to make sure you have a really long break," Bain said.

Bain says she's seen numerous crashes — including some close calls of her own.

"Our engineers will do a review of this intersection, including reviewing the signal timing," said Sara Shepherd, a community outreach coordinator for the Florida Department of Transportation.

In the meantime, Bain and her husband are planning to start a petition to solve some of this intersection's issues before it's too late.

"You really feel like you're taking your life into your hands every morning trying to make a left hand turn to take your kids to school," Bain said.​