OSTEEN, Fla. — Pipe problems are causing concerns for one country road in Volusia County.

John Collins wrote into our Traffic Inbox because he is concerned that if a pipe is not fixed at Lemon Bluff Road and Wild Acres Road in Osteen, it will cause serious accidents.

"In any hard rain storm, like 4 inches or more in 24 hours, we end up with water on the road and it becomes a danger for hydroplaning," Collins said.

He blames poor drainage from a pipe.

"It's buried too high in the ground, it needs to be lower," said Collins. "Volusia County code says it has to be a minimum of 2 feet in the ground. If this was two feet lower, all this water that's standing still would be able to go into the pipe and towards the river," said Collins.

Volusia County officials told Spectrum News 13 the pipe is working properly.

"A Volusia County drainage supervisor rode the entire length of Lemon Bluff Road about two weeks ago. The ditches have water in them and they are flowing properly," said Kevin Captain, Interim Community Information Director for Volusia County.

Captain said the reason why it does not look like the water is flowing is because it is draining into the already very high St. Johns River.

However, Collins is not buying it.

"Just because it's a bunch of rural people and it's not densely populated, it's not a lot of votes, they ignore it," said Collins.​