ORLANDO, Fla. — What was once Tropical Storm Sebastien has become post-tropical tonight near the Azores, where it is bringing heavy rain and gusty winds. 

The last advisory on Sebastien has it located about 230 miles north-northwest of the Azores.

Maximum sustained winds are now at 60 mph. 

Sebastien is moving rapidly to the northeast at 40 mph. The minimum pressure is 994 mb.

The storm has completed its transition from a tropical to extratropical cyclone, which is why it's deemed post-tropical.

The northeast motion is expected to continue.

Sebastien will likely maintain its intensity as a post-tropical system before merging with another low in the northeastern Atlantic.

Tropical storm-force winds extend 220 miles from the center.

Sebastien will continue to impact the western Azores tonight. Heavy rainfall, gusty winds and large swells will continue through early Monday.

Atlantic hurricane season concludes on Saturday.