ORLANDO, Fla. — An article on the I-4 Ultimate page says the pedestrian bridge on Kirkman Road at Universal Studios is “tentatively scheduled to open in January 2019.” But it’s still not open.

What You Need To Know

  • Pedestrian bridge is closed but people were using it

  • FDOT says the bridge is nearly ready

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“It's very baffling to try and figure out why it's not open,” said Greg, who did not share his last name. “I haven't seen construction work on it in months and it's just sitting here unfinished.”

FDOT Spokesperson Mariam Ali says the bridge is nearly ready.

“The Kirkman pedestrian bridge is substantially complete and (the contractor is) working to finalize the remaining items, including additional coordination with local partners regarding agreements before the bridge can be opened,” Ali said in a statement.

“As with any project, construction schedules are subject to change,” she said. “For this project, the contract does not indicate a specific timeline that this bridge has to be opened by other than at the final completion of the project. The contractor may adjust their schedule to focus on critical path work as they feel is needed.”

But some people are not waiting as Spectrum News 13 spotted several people using the pedestrian bridge to get to Universal.

Greg says the tape and barrier to block access to the bridge were removed.

“It looks finished and what's really sad I believe the barricades have been moved now because the pedestrians have been tired waiting on it, so they've actually moved the barricades and it's not officially open yet,” Greg said.

After Spectrum News 13 alerted FDOT of people using the bridge, it sent crews to secure the still active construction work zone.

So for now Greg, and everybody else, will just have to use the pedestrian signal to cross.

FDOT would not give Spectrum News 13 a specific date for the bridge’s opening.