ORLANDO, Fla. — Social distancing is a top priority right now as we try to curb the spread of coronavirus, but that doesn't mean you can't get out and enjoy the great Florida outdoors.

Here’s how you can maintain social distance while still staying active:

1. Head to the trails: One way to get some fresh air and stay active is by taking advantage of the man mountain biking and paved trails around Florida!

2. SORBA Orlando, Adventure Cycling: We met up with SORBA Orlando, an organization that offers group mountain biking rides around the area. While they have suspended their large group rides of 50 or more people, they are still meeting in smaller groups of 10 people or less. The group has several unique trails around the Central Florida area. You can find them on the group's website

At Adventure Cycling in Winter Springs, the shop partners with the mountain bike cycling group to explore their group rides. Check out their website.

3. Orange Cycle: We also caught up with bike shop Orange Cycle Orlando. They're still open for business and encouraging people to get out and get some fresh air while still being safe, recommending small group rides. You can check out their shop online too

4. Trails statewide: Don't worry if you aren't local to Central Florida, you can find mountain bike and regular trails all over the state

5. Hiking: Many of these paved trails are also great for walking if you don't have a bike or prefer to hike.​