UMATILLA, Fla. — Here’s what you need to know about D and J Apiary in Umatilla before visiting this unique beekeeping business:

  1. D and J Apiary is a business in Umatilla that produces homegrown honey. In addition, they offer bee keeping classes to the public.

  2. D and J Apiary has been around for three generations, and they offer beginners’ beekeeping classes, hive management classes, and an extracting class at various times throughout the year.

  3. Know before you go: The classes typically start at 9 a.m. and the beginning portion is conducted inside. After lunch is when you suit up and get out with the bees and learn, hands on, about bee keeping.

  4. D and J Apiary offers classes on the weekends only, so please call ahead to find out class times. Their show room is open Monday through Friday.

  5. For more information, check out their website.

To see more on the apiary, watch the video above.