ORLANDO, Fla. — We all have those long, stressful days at work where you need to relieve some tension. Well, Orlando’s newest downtown attraction might just be the spot to do it.

  • Learn how to wield axes at Epic Ax Throwing in Orlando
  • A coach will give you tips on how to hit the bullseye 
  • Want more info? Visit their website.

Loretta Gebow wasn’t sure what to expect when she walked into Epic Ax Throwing for the first time, but it wasn’t long before she was slinging axes like a pro.

“It’s awesome to have a coach to explain what you’re doing wrong and give you tips, because once it hits that bullseye, it’s a great feeling," Gebow said.

Downtown Orlando’s newest attraction will have you learning how to wield actual axes, and no, they aren’t dull blades.

You’ll be learning everything from two-handed throws, tricks, to even getting to wield axes you’ve probably only seen in the movies.

“This really is for everyone, that’s why we have the coaches we do, so that you get the training, and they teach you the technique and the safety. And we make sure you aren’t leaving here without at least sticking it once to wood," said co-owner Jessada Sunhachawi.

It’s an exhilarating experience and one you’ll get to take your time practicing at, even getting a little competitive once you feel ready.

Epic Ax throwing is open seven days a week, but their hours vary, so for more information head to their website.