CARRABELLE, FL - Adventure awaits at a massive state forest sitting right in the basin of Florida's Panhandle. 

  • Visit Tate's Hell State Forest
  • Wander through more than 200,000 acres to explore
  • Here the tale of how the state forest got its name

"Here you get to get out, explore, take care of yourself, and see amazing natural North Florida with no interruptions along the way," Marti Miller, a recreation specialist of Tate's Hell State Forest said. 

With more than 200,000 acres to explore, there is no shortage of things to discover at Tate's Hell State Forest.  

If you are wondering how this state forest got its name, it's a funny little tale about a man who got lost in the forest for days, eventually surviving the wildlife and making it out to tell the tale. At least that's how the story goes. 

The state forest even has its own song, called "Tate's Hell". 

The folk lore behind the song has made this place a destination for visitors far and wide. You can do everything from hiking, to getting out on the many rivers that run through the forest, to nature watching their wildlife. 

"There is amazing wildlife and beautiful wild flowers. One thing we do out here to manage the land is prescribed burns. and one of the byproducts of that is the diversity of wild flowers out here," Miller said. 

One of those especially unique plants you will find along your journey are their Pitcher Plants. These plants are actually carnivorous plants and you can find them throughout the forest. 

It is things like this that make Tate's Hell a truly exciting destination. 

"I love Tate's Hell State Forest and you just aren't going to see anything like it anywhere else," Miller said.

Tate's Hell State Park is open year round with opportunities to get out on the water and camp.