Just steps from Cocoa Beach and it iconic pier, you will find a museum unlike any in the area.

It is certainly a sight to behold and one that will transport you to another time and place.

For little 9-year-old Lillian Fagan, it was a day to remember.

"I didn't even know where my mom was taking me, but she said, 'Let's go over here' and when I saw all this stuff I went crazy!" Lillian said.

Lillian and her family, on vacation from the West side of the state, were in for a treat when they found this natural history museum that got them up close and personal with one of Lillian's favorite things: dinosaurs.

"It's so cool how you can learn stuff about dinosaurs and their past and how different their world was from ours," Lillian said.

However, this spot does not just house massive replicas and fossils of age-old dinos. The three-story museum takes you on a journey through ancient cultures, including China and Egypt and showcasing real life artifacts.

Throughout the museum, you will also find other life-size animals from around the world. And all the animals were at one point alive and are now taxidermy, so you get to see the real thing.

"This is an extremely proud moment for us because it took so long to complete this place. Just to be able to offer this to people that maybe have never been to a museum, and to offer this type of diversity. It's really rare to see ancient cultures like ancient Egypt in this area," museum founder Donna Cayer said.

This interactive, history lesson is one that will have the whole family exploring for the day.

"Everybody has got to check this place out it's so cool!" Lillian exclaimed.

The Cocoa Beach Dinosaur Museum is a nonprofit and it is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. And on Sundays, it is open from noon to 5 p.m.

The museum is located on Cocoa Beach Causeway, near State Road A1A and the Cocoa Beach Pier.