Under the shade of age old trees you’ll find historic animals you can’t see anywhere else in Florida.

  • Gypsy Gold Horse Farm gives glimpse into horse breed
  • Owner raises breed on Old Florida ranch property 
  • For more information, visit its website: gypsygold.com

For Florida Native Dennis Thompson, a chance encounter on a vacation to Europe led to a lifelong love. He now breeds and raises wide eyed beauties he discovered in a Northern wales Gypsy camp. 

“We helped name the breed Gypsy Vanner Horse, established the first breed registry in the world for a selectively bred horse raised by British Gypsys and then brought the first 16 right here to North America," Dennis said. 

Yes, Dennis brought back a new breed of horses to the U.S., and now raises them in Ocala on hundreds of acres of Old Florida ranch property. 

Now years later, it’s an established ranch. The Gypsy Gold Horse Farm welcomes visitors from around the world to tour the property, giving them a glimpse into the history of the breed, how their farm works, and an up close and personal experience with the gentle giants. 

“I’d only ever seen these horses in pictures or on YouTube, and I really wanted to see them up close and personal, and they’re just truly beautiful," said visitor Dough Parham said. 

“Everyone should come here you won’t believe how fantastic it is," said Colorado vacationer Cindy.

While you’re on the farm, you’ll see over 40 different Gypsy Vanner horses along with donkeys, mules and even parrots. 

Because they’re a breeding farm, you’ll even get to see their youngest horses galloping through the fields. 

“When people walk away, they’ve learned so much about a very colorful and misunderstood culture and discovered maybe the most beautiful horse in the world," Dennis said. 

If you’re an animal lover with an eye for history, this day-trip adventure will be right up your alley. 

The Gypsy Gold Horse Ranch is open every day of the week expect Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Their tours are only three days a week though, so be sure to call ahead to plan the right time for your visit. 

For information on tour times and prices head to their website: gypsygold.com