ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — When a Winter Garden neighbor was in need, three little girls with very big hearts did not hesitate to share their talents and raise some money.

What You Need To Know

  • Their neighbor is fighting cancer

  • The girls got creative to raise money

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“It just made me feel like we needed to do this to help out," said Morgan Flournoy, a student at Bridgewater Middle School.

“We knew that Mrs. Hamilton was fighting cancer, so we started having that idea," said Ana Iguina.

The girls raised almost $1,300 in four hours to give to a neighbor finishing up her last round of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

“(It's) something special from our hearts and make someone happy," said Ana, who attends Independence Elementary School. "It’s the joy of sharing, so that’s what I feel."

On the day they popped up their neighborhood stand as colorful as the cotton candy they doled out, they were hard to miss. 

They decked out their tables in pink tablecloths, strung pennant flags around the top of the tents and donned hot pink T-shirts and masks.

But, the event was the culmination of much planning. 

One month before the trio of friends hawked their wares for good, they began planning what they would sell.

Nine-year-old Ana made soaps, while her twin sister, Maria, fashioned different bracelets for children and adults.

Morgan, the 11-year-old and eldest of the group, made candles with dreamy scents, from pineapple sage to cinnamon stick.

“The medication is expensive. We’re donating all this money," explained Maria. 

“When we get there and get the money and ring the doorbell, we will just feel something happy in our hearts," added Ana.

But, the day wasn't just about selling. It was also about learning an important lesson.

“It feels so amazing when you give something to another person," said Morgan. “In a way you could say we’re heroes, but we’re also just helpers. And we’re trying to spread happiness and joy.”​