ORLANDO, Florida — Walking through the kennels of Orange County Animal Services, the faces looking out at you from the enclosures appear scared and unsure.

  • 11-year-old shows compassion to dogs at animal shelter
  • She created a Facebook page to help older, ill dogs find a home
  • Her Facebook page is Loved By Grace

"Some people think that these dogs are broken, but they are not," Grace Doyle-Eberhard says.

Human contact is a highlight in the days of waiting for many of these furry animals, which is why Doyle-Eberhard comes to visit at least once a week.

"I love taking the dogs out and getting to know different personalities. I love learning, I love learning about these dogs," says the 11-year-old.

She is here to give pets some love, but also to promote the elderly and health-burdened dogs on her Facebook page, Loved By Grace, so that dogs like Giddget, Solo, Monte, Princess and Bruce are adopted.

It is a fact that the elderly dogs do not get same attention that puppies do.

"They just really need homes. They're desperate for homes, and they just need a lot of love and caring," she says.

So she gives it to them one kiss at a time, showing these dogs that they're loved.

"If a dog is abused, and you don't give them love, they might just think they are not meant for anything. And they are just going to be miserable, and I don't want these dogs to be miserable," Doyle-Eberhard says.