SANFORD, Fla. — The Seminole County School Board voted Tuesday to make its mask policy permanent. But a teacher survey shows that many educators do not feel they have the school district's support.

What You Need To Know

Seminole County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Walt Griffin says officials know masks are important to protect people as the pandemic continues to plague the state.

“I’ve interacted with many parents, I’ve had zero concerns expressed to me, I think people realize that not only are the students and adults protecting themselves but they’re protecting others,”​ Griffin said. 

That is why the school board voted unanimously to extend the school district’s mask policy permanently.

While the extension at Seminole county’s school board meeting was approved with very little opposition.

And leaders say they are making safety a priority, many teachers feel they have not been prioritized in the process.

Some teachers even put together a survey, to see how they are handling it all.

According to the results of more than 200 teachers, it is not going well. More than 70% of teachers do not feel they are supported by the district.

Plus, more than half are considering resigning.

“We know teachers are struggling but we also know many of them are scared to come and speak for themselves. And we felt if we could offer them an outlet to express themselves vocalize how they’re feeling, that could be impactful,” said Winter Springs High School teacher Jennifer Devine.

Devine helped organize the survey of 214 teachers district-wide.

She has in a hybrid classroom: teaching students in-person and online at the same time.

She says it is a struggle making sure everyone is engaged, while catering lesson plans so they work both ways.

Devine says many teachers felt rushed and forced into their new roles without enough training or input.

The superintendent told Spectrum News 13 that the school board has asked principals to give teachers time to sit down together, so those who are having more success, can share best practices.

Devine is wondering when that can even happen since so many of them are working overtime as it is.

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